Music UK, What is Ku Damm, Information on Dr Motte

What is Music UK, Information on Ku Damm, Dr. Motte

Sell ​​used Electronic music CDs.

Constantly new music on the market and especially in the electronic music direction something new is constantly being added. I decided to clean up my house and part with some old CDs.

In the past, you had to run from shop to shop with your bag full of CDs to trim your collection. This is no longer necessary today. It’s totally easy today. Everything goes online.

You choose a CD purchase provider on the Internet.

Enter a specific number that can be found on every CD and find out at the same time what you will get for this CD. This usually assumes that the CD is in perfect condition without scratches and the bootleg.

Then when you have entered all of your CDs and know which one you want to sell to the provider, you only press a button and then you can print out a slip of paper that you fill out and send with the whole CD’s in a box only to the online retailer. FINISHED!

He checks whether the quality is okay and transfers the money to your account. Really simple or.

Which CD purchase did I use?

I used the website for the sale of my used records, as this is easy to use and you can get very good help over the phone.

Since I now have space for new music again, I can take a look at the electronic music market to find out what’s new.

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